Why choose us

We have a passion for our candidates’ wellbeing and job satisfaction.

We treat you with utmost consideration at all times. We make ourselves available after hours if you are seeking additional support and advice about career direction.

We do not pressure you to take any role offered, temporary or permanent. We recruit for the long term. We believe that it’s just as important for the candidate to want to work for the client as it is for the client to want to hire the candidate.

We have a comprehensive database of staff we are proud of and it is our responsibility to make sure that your experience will be a positive one. You can expect:

  • A personalised and friendly service.
  • Weekly pays deposited into a designated bank account for temporary staff.
  • Attentive service in relation to current and upcoming assignments.
  • Written confirmation via email of all assignment details.
  • Written confirmation via email of permanent interview details including company information.
  • Rewards for successful candidate referrals.
  • Advice on salary negotiation and general employment conditions.
  • Advice on interviewing and applying for positions.
  • Ongoing support once placed.

For further information call us on 1300 99 JOBS (5627).