Our commitment

We are committed to providing a service that is


We manage, lead and dedicate our services to your recruitment requirements in the best and most professional way.

Confidential and private

We treat each assignment with 100% confidentiality. Data privacy is paramount when screening and interviewing candidates.

We only issue reports to the client-authorised representative, ensuring all Privacy Act requirements are met and the transmission of sensitive information is traceable and recorded.

Quality checked

We recruit suitably qualified candidates continually, using advertising and referrals through our extensive networks.

Our databases deliver a quick response on request. They contain the details of high-quality candidates who have undergone informal and formal interview evaluations, and whose work references and educational transcripts have been checked.


Our services are tailored to meet the needs of each client. Business clients can choose how candidates will be tested and tell us their preferred format for receiving details and follow-up.

We tailor reporting requirements in line with company procedures, providing systematic and methodical reporting as well as ad hoc reports as required.


Our systems and procedures ensure a prompt and efficient service at all times. Our IT systems are continually upgraded to ensure we deliver services quickly and effectively.


We provide ongoing support and attention. We visit clients regularly to check on business and candidate satisfaction. Our support includes salary negotiations, performance reviews and other matters.