Frailty Care

New research from the Australian government suggests older women in the country are most at risk of frailty.

It’s a condition that means people are more like to incur fall injuries and face deteriorating health issues or premature death. About 38 per cent of the 3,000 home-dwelling seniors polled were put into the pre-frail category. Almost 50 per cent of women surveyed were considered either frail or pre-frail.

In response to the findings, the government has launched a five-point online test that encourages GP involvement, preventive action, self-awareness, and home care instead of expensive hospitalisation.

Suggested practical interventions include:

  • Modifying diet to include more proteins
  • Taking Vitamin D supplements
  • Increasing activity (like light resistance exercises and walking)
  • Evaluating prescription medication intake, in consultation with your GP

“Early intervention strategies like the FRAIL test are critical and can also contribute to a more sustainable and efficient aged care system,” said Ken Wyatt, Aged Care Minister. “We know Australians overwhelmingly want to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and that staying strong and healthy is the best way to achieve this.”