Performance Evaluation

When taking on employees, you must decide how you will monitor and measure employee performance. A popular approach is to set performance objectives and then measure by comparing targeted performance and actual performance then taking any corrective action as required. This is what we refer to as a management by objectives (MBO) approach. When engaging Read More

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Inducting new employees

Although often forgotten or overlooked, induction is a key part of the training and development process for employees. Whether you are taking on a temporary employee for a short assignment, or you have taken on a new permanent employee, the induction process is important to helping new staff members learn about your organisation, understand its Read More

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Evaluating Recruitment Processes

The four key evaluation areas for recruitment are Productivity, Quality, Costs and Time. Productivity: This measures the number of applications received following a particular recruitment method or source. More specifically, these can include • applications per recruiting source/method • applicants interviewed per recruiting source/method • applicants per recruiting source/method Quality: This measures the on-the-job performance Read More

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